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CMCO 160 - History of U.S. Cinema: Home

This guide provides students with resources necessary to complete research assignments for the course.


Hi! My name is Merrill Johnson. I am the librarian liaison for the Cinema and Film Studies department. I can assist you with defining your topic, determining the appropriate sources to consult for your topic, and devising a research strategy that gets the results you need. I look forward to working with you!

Library Links

Extensive information resources are available through your GFU Libraries, and a team of dedicated professionals are waiting to assist


Cinema/Media Studies Journal Databases

These databases are accessible through George Fox University libraries. To access them from off-campus, you will need your George Fox ID barcode (all 14 digits, no spaces/dashes) and your last name in order to authenticate to the databases. The databases below relate specifically to film studies.

Quality Web Resources

The following links provide access to a variety of primary and secondary information resources to help you complete your research project.

American Film Institute

The link below provides a list of the American Film Institute's Top 100 Films. Each entry is link to the library's catalog (Primo) so you can find the item easily. DVDs may be checked out for 7-days.