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ELED 260: Teaching, Schooling and Learning: Find Articles

Video - Choosing EBSCO Databases 1min.18sec.

Demo on choosing EBSCO article databases from the EBSCO Articles link on the library home page. Learn how to search one or many databases simultaneously. 

Video - EBSCOhost Advanced Search 2 min.38 sec.

Video by EBSCOhost demonstrating how to search our EBSCO databases. Demo takes place in the Academic Search Premiere database. 

Video - Using the EBSCOhost Result List 3 min.39 sec.

Top Education Databases

Result Sets of Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Articles

Below are links to sets of articles from the Education Research Complete database (linked in box below) on keyword and subject searches related to learning theories and education.

(Note: The asterisk tells the machine to find the root word and up to five additional letters, i.e. theor* will find theory, theorist, etc.)

  • Learning Theories in Education: Hundreds of articles from the Education Research Complete (ERC) database on the subject of "Learning Theories in Education"