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ESLA 260 - Academic Writing: Find Books

How to Find & Request Physical GFU Library Items: 1 min. 25 sec.

Searching in Primo!

George Fox Primo

To broadly search for material on a topic:

To search for works by an author:

To search for particular titles:

Primo gives you some options:

  • Virtual Browse the library shelf
  • Copy Citations
  • Request items to pickup at the Circulation Desk
  • Order items through Summit & Interlibrary loan

Find Physical Items in GFU Libraries

Find Print Books and Other Physical Items in the GFU Libraries 

To search for GFU print books, videos, and other physical items:

  • Add your search terms and click the go button to run the search

The initial Primo search returns physical items along with online materials.

To limit to physical items from GFU libraries, such as print books, DVDs and print journalslook at the left side of the search results under the Availability heading and click the link "Physical Items in GFU Libraries"

Next, narrow by Resource Type such as print books from the left sidebar by clicking the link to Print Books, DVD Videos, Journals, etc. 

A Primo Advanced Search allows for more nuanced searching, and limiting by material type, language, and more.

Circulation Period: GFU books circulate to students for a four-week period, with up to two renewals. Most DVDs check out for one week.