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EDDL 790 - Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Find Articles

Video - EBSCOhost Advanced Search 2min.11sec.

Video by EBSCOhost demonstrating how to search our EBSCO databases. Demo takes place in the Academic Search Premiere database. 

Video - Using the EBSCOhost Result List 3min.37sec.

Video - Using Personalized Folder on EBSCO 3min.58sec.

Video - Creating a Search Alert in EBSCO 2min.05sec.

Top Education Databases

Video - How to Search by Journal Title 1min.19sec.

Articles by Journal Title

You may search journal titles directly from the EBSCO articles databases (when available) to be taken to the journal title where you can browse content by year, volume, etc.  

Click the "Search within this publication" link to search for articles on a topic within the journal title.

The links below are examples of journal titles in our EBSCO databases.

Journal of Education

Reading Teacher

Guidelines for Classification of Journals