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SWRK 440 - Social Work Research Methods: Social Work Research Proposal Plan

Proposal Elements

This is a brief outline of the elements included in the Social Work Research Plan for SWRK 440. Make sure to refer to the full document provided by your instructor for complete instructions.

The Research Plan is a means by which the student will provide an overview of a prospective quantitative study. Students must complete the "Statement of Original Work" as a part of the research proposal.

The proposed study is to be quantitative in nature. For more information on quantitative research methods review the resources in the following link, especially the Sage Handbook on Quantitative Research Methods.

PART ONE: Research Topic -- 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph will describe the topic to be studied; the second paragraph will define the topic's relevance and significance to social work; the third paragraph will describe the research problem itself and how it fits in the broader scheme of the literature.

PART TWO: Literature Review -- at least 3 single-spaced pages, including references from at least 10 articles. Demonstrates that you have a knowledge of your topic, summarizing recent research findings, how your proposed research could fit in with the existing body of literature. Be sure to include complete intext citations and references in the reference section.

List the Primary research question that the proposed study will address, as well as your hypothesis statement.

Purpose of the study -- 1 paragraph.

PART THREE: Theoretical Foundations -- at least 1 paragraph. Briefly describe the theoretical basis for the study. Include the major theory(ies) that will serve as the lens through which you observe the primary research question.

Practical implications and limitations of the study -- at least 1 paragraph for each.

PART FOUR: Research Design -- Describe the research design you will use; include the population and sample; include ethical considerations (at least 1/2-page)

PART FIVE: Constructs -- What is the construct (or idea) to be measured, and how will it be measured for this particular study? What instruments/measurements will you use and why? Be sure to include referendes for each instrument used, a description of, and information related to reliability and validity.

Describe each step involved in the data analysis process, beginning with recruiting people to participate in the study to consent to participate.

Describe data collection procedures, and the methods/procedures for data analysis.

PART SIX: References -- APA-style for all references, single-spaced, use hanging indents.