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SOCI 390 - Research Methods: Find Articles

Video - How to Search by Journal Title 1 min.14 sec.

Sociology Journals Not Available through EBSCOhost

The following are a few journals which may be found in journal databases other than EBSCOhost. The respective database is labeled in ( ) following the journal title.

Key Sociology Databases

The databases listed below are the key Sociology-related databases. When accessing databases from off-campus you will be prompted to enter your GFU log in.

Journal Databases other than EBSCOhost

The library provides access to a number of journal databases other than the subject-related databases found in EBSCOhost. Sometimes articles indexed in EBSCOhost will have the full text linked from one of these additional databases. Searching these databases in addition to EBSCOhost will provide you with additional resources.