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NURS 201 - Nursing Fundamentals: Evidence Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice Resources

CINAHL with Full Text
Indexing for almost 3,000 journals in the fields of nursing and allied health, with full text for more than 600.  Includes articles about the application of evidence-based medicine.

The Cochrane Library (searchable through EBSCOhost):

  • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Cochrane Reviews)
    The primary output of The Cochrane Collaboration.  Each Cochrane Review identifies an intervention for a specific disease (or other problem in health care) and determines whether or not this intervention works by summarizing the results of research gathered from randomised controlled trials.  
  • Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (Clinical Trials)
    Known as CENTRAL, this database includes details of published trials taken from bibliographic databases and other published resources.  CENTRAL includes the title of the article, information on where it was published and, in many cases, the abstract. 
  • Cochrane Methodology Register (Method Studies)
  • A bibliography of publications that report on methods used when conducting controlled trials, studies of methods used in reviews, and more general methodological studies which could be relevant to anyone preparing systematic reviews.  Records include journal articles, books and conference proceedings.

Nursing Reference Center
Provides a user-friendly point-of-care resource.  Delivers recent clinical evidence and knowledge on conditions and diseases via a nursing-specific graphical interface. Includes evidence-based care sheets.

ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source
Among other things, this database provides access to evidence-based nursing information from The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI). These resources include Systematic Reviews, Evidence Summaries, and Best Practice Information Sheets.

PubMed                                                                      From the National Library of Medicine, PubMed includes MEDLINE and related databases. Over 18 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950's. PubMed may link to content we don't have online access to; please contact a librarian if you need assistance.

Evidence-Based Medicine Resources

The resources below represent a variety of resources available to both locate and understand evidence-based results and practices.

Levels of Evidence

Levels of Evidence in the Primary Literature
Type of Question Type of Study Methodology MEDLINE Filters
Therapy: information needed about treatments (effectiveness, cost, etc.)  Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial   Randomized Controlled Trial [PT] double [TW] and blind [TW] 
Diagnosis: information needed about a
diagnostic test (sensitivity, accuracy, etc.)
Controlled Trial Sensitivity and Specificity [MH]
Diagnosis [SH] 
Prognosis: information needed about the
course of the disease over time, expected
complications, etc. 
Cohort Studies
Case Control
Case Series 
Cohort Studies [MH]
Prognosis [MH]
Survival Analysis [MH]
 Etiology/Harm: information needed about
causes of disease or contributing factors of disease
Cohort Studies Cohort Studies [MH]
Risk [TW] 
Prevention: information needed about the
prevention of disease (immunization,
social factors, etc.)
Randomized Controlled Trial
Cohort Studies  
Randomized Controlled Trial [PT]
Cohort Studies [MH]
Prevention and Control [SH]
Quality Improvement: information needed
about clients' and health professionals'
experiences and concerns
Randomized Controlled Trial Randomized Controlled Trial [PT]
Practice Guideline [PT]
Consensus Development Conference [PT]  

(Abbreviations: MH=Medical Subject Heading; PT=Publication Type; SH=Subheading; TW=Text Word)

*Taken from