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ECON 485 - Environmental Economics: Water

Guide to finding information for your Environmental Initiative Project

Web Resources

Water Resources - U.S. Geological Survey

Data and publications on water quality, use and issues.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Water

Esp. see sections on Our Waters and Pollution Control


  Oregon Water Quality Assessment Reports



  Environmental Valuation Techniques in Water Resource Decision Making
Article in Journal of Water Resources Planning & Management, 2000


U.S. EPA Valuation of Surface Water Quality Improvements
Rev Environ Econ Policy,  January 5, 2012
ABSTRACT: Since 1982, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has used benefit-cost analysis to evaluate many of its surface water quality regulations.
This article addresses three issues that have been particularly challenging in estimating the benefits from water quality improvement: defining standardized measures of water quality improvement, measuring benefits arising from ecological protection and restoration, and measuring nonuse benefits.


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