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Believe It or Not

When you hear the word "research," most people think of things like Google, Pinterest or Twitter. This is not the case here.

The library provides extensive databases of full text and peer-reviewed articles. Even using our Google Scholar is different from using Google Scholar directly without going through our website. We have over 300,000 electronic books (e-books.) More than our physical collection of books.

This guide is intended to help get you started on research in a new way. Please click on the tabs to begin learning new ways to find quality resources.

Introduction to Primo - The Catalog

You Are Never Alone

The sheer quantity of available resources can cause a problem.

It is very easy to get thousands of hits on your particular search. Many times you'll scratch your head and wonder why these articles appeared given the search you ran.

I ran a search looking for books on the new St. John's Bible, the one that the Pope received in April 2015. I'm a professional librarian, a theological librarian at that, with many years of experience doing difficult searches daily. I was unable to find books on the St. John's Bible on my first attempt.

Using databases presents challenges. The larger the database, the more challenges.

Research is more a collaborative process now than it has been in the past. You and I work together to find what you need. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Just because you're having trouble does not mean you need to give up. | 503-554-6131

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