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Bible Survey - BIBL 100: Institutional Repositories

What's An IR?

An institutional repository is an online location for collecting, preserving, and disseminating - in digital form - the intellectual output of an institution like GFU.

The four main objectives for having an institutional repository are:

  1. to provide open access to institutional research output by self-archiving it;
  2. to create global visibility for an institution's scholarly research;
  3. to collect content in a single location;
  4. to store and preserve other institutional digital assets, including unpublished or otherwise easily lost ("grey") literature such as theses or technical reports.

You will find our Institutional Repository (IR) at

In our IR you'll find really useful stuff, such as, theses and dissertations: Doctor of Ministry, Dotor of Education, Doctor of Psychology, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, etc.

Some of this could be a help in your project for this class.

Mess around with it and see for yourself what it's about.

Other IRs You May Like

Here are a few examples.  Give them a try.  They take a little getting used to but once you have it, the content may be spot-on.