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ACLA 482 and 484 - Writing and Research for Academia: Evaluate Resources

Evaluation Rubric for Resources

Guide to using library resources.

Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia has become more selective in its editing process since it began in January of 2001. However, Wikipedia articles are not citable sources for most academic papers.

A Wikipedia article may be used as a source for gaining background information or finding other reputable sources.

Examples of both a poor and good article are provided below.

Reference sources like Credo Reference which contain reference material may be a better choice.

Try looking for "traumatic brain injury" in Credo Reference and see what kind of sources the articles you retrieve are from.

Be a Critical Consumer of Information

Triangulate information before you assume it is true.
"Don't refuse to believe; refuse to start out believing." p.88
Rheingold, H. (2012). Net smart: How to thrive online. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

If there is no author listed on a website, try Alexa or Whois, to identify the owner of the website.

To identify rumors and disinformation on the web, use Snopes.