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BUSG 524 - Marketing Management: MyBestSegments

Using MyBestSegments

MyBestSegments is a consumer segmentation database widely used in the marketing industry.  It divides every household in the U.S. by distinct lifestyle types, called "segments," providing a comprehensive picture of who lives where and what they are like.

Access: Limited to five simultaneous users.  Use one of the five User Logins to access proprietary data.


PRIZM Premier – 68 segments organized under factors such as income, age, education, and employment (e.g., Upper Crust)
P$YCLE – focuses on financial and investment behaviors (e.g., Bargain Lovers)
ConneXions – emphasis on technology behavior and usage (e.g., Cyber Sophisticates)

Zip Code or Segments

Zip Code Look-Up:  Identify the major consumer segments in a specific place.

Segment Details: Filter segments to identify your target consumer groups


Core Data Spreadsheet

Example Segment: Young Digerati

Segment Details