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ARTD 440 A - Kitchen and Bath Design: Start Library Search

How to Find & Request Physical GFU Library Items: 1 min. 25 sec.

Books on Kitchen & Bath Design

Search in Primo

Begin your library search in Primo. This is the broadest search you can do in the library. Search by: 

  • Time Period / Design Era
  • Architecture or Design Style
  • Architect or Designer

You should find books, articles, reference entries and more! Hint: Once you've found one book, chances are good that you will find others like it right next to it on the shelf. Try the Virtual Browse feature in Primo to see what's there.

Day 154 - October 14, 2012

Search in General Reference Sources

Sometimes Primo results can be difficult to wade through. So, you may want to also try using a Reference Database to find general information on your designer. Search by name or keyword. Here are a few of the databases that provide you with brief information on a variety of topics:

Search in Databases

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