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Seminary Graduate Programs - Introduction to Research & Resources: Find Articles

About Scholarly Articles

A large portion of your research is locating and evaluating scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles have been reviewed by a group of scholarly reviewers in the subject area of the journal. The articles found in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals are vetted for quality of research and adherence to editorial standards of the journal prior to publication. In general, you will be spending a lot of time in various Ebsco Databases, which you can search simultaneously. Various features you will want to use are discussed below in the embedded tutorials from Ebsco.

Research Paths

There are many paths to travel down when doing research in graduate school. Here a few more databases available from the library that will lead you to other discoveries.

Man on bridge in forest.

Video - What is a Scholarly Journal Article? 3 min. 4 sec.