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BIBL 315 E - Contemporary Issues in Biblical Studies: Citation Management

About Managing Citations

George Fox does not subscribe to any particular citation management software such as Zotero, Mendeley or EndNote, and most faculty leave citation management choices up to the student. Librarians are happy to point you to information about the available options for citation management software. Below are links to resources about those tools. You will want to find an option that works for you!

However, most faculty do require a particular style manual for citing sources when writing papers, such as Chicago/Turabian style for Seminary work.

There are self help links on this page. Contact the Portland Writing Center for your questions about citing sources and any other citation/footnote questions in Chicago/Turabian style.

Style guides

Society of Biblical Literature Handbook of Style

Citation Management Software

A citation manager is a tool that allows you to collect your citations and format bibliographies using a particular citation style. Here's a comparison of the various software out there for citation management: 

Some things to look for are: student discount (for the proprietary software options), storage space, word processing integration, citation styles, etc. The following three are the most frequently used by other students:

Chicago Syle Tutorial