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WRIT 111: Paranormal Paper -- Instructions and Required Sources

Use This Required Source

Paranormal Paper

Essay 2 - Your Paranormal Paper


4-5pgs. 12pt font. MLA format

JJ Style Outline and Meet with a Librarian: 2/28

Instructor’s Draft 3/6

Final Draft: 3/20


This is a guided research paper that will examine modern day interactions with the paranormal. Consider the validity/invalidity of paranormal encounters. No matter what you argue, you will have to assume you have three types of people in your audience: paranormal believers, skeptics, and non-believers. 


Choose one of these rhetorical directions: 


1. You will validate/legitimize paranormal activity and belief


2. You will refute/delegitimize paranormal activity and belief


This paper will examine the paranormal and the legitimacy of paranormal experience through one of three perspectives:


1. Religious: You will discuss how your argument intertwines, is connected, or disconnected from the Christian faith. How do Christians approach the paranormal? What are various views? How, in light of your Christian faith, can you make your argument? 


2. Psychological: What causes people to interpret experiences to be paranormal or not? How does knowledge of the human psyche contribute to your argument about the validity/invalidity of the paranormal? Consider culture, environment, education, psychological disorders, etc. 


3. Empirical: This option will likely be centered around case studies (including our paranormal investigation) that you will use to validate or debunk belief in paranormal activity based upon empirical evidence and logic. 


Your sources:


  1. Richard Silver, paranormal investigator. You will cite information from him as you would a lecture.
  2. Your paranormal investigation
  3. Paranormal America: Ghost Encounters, UFO Sightings, Bigfoot Hunts, and Other Curiosities in Religion and Culture Christopher D. Bader, F. Carson Mencken, and Joseph O. Baker (in LibGuide)
  4. One other source linked in the sources section of our LibGuide.
  5. A text-based source relevant to your particular paper that you find with a librarian. (I will explain this more)

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