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WRIT 111: Finding Authoritative Sources

Video Tutorials

This is a conceptual map of some of the key ideas connected to the topic of paranormal. 

  • Click on the terms of interest, and then View in Credo your results. 
  • Authoritative articles will appear on the right hand navigation bar.

Ideas for Narrowing a Topic

Add words

  • Illegal Immigration + United States
  • Illegal Immigration + United States + reform
  • Illiegal Immigration + United States + economics

Add specific limiters

  • Age Group
  • Controversy
  • Geography
  • Perspective
  • Population
  • Time Frame

Ask questions about the topic: Who, What, When, Where, Why?

  • How has the immigration policy changed in the last fifty years in the United States?
  • Whom does illegal immigration effect?
  • What are the issues associated with illegal immigration?
  • How might a Christian respond to this issue?
Resources Consulted:

Find Articles

Search Terms

Here are some broad sample searches in Primo to get your research started:


Parapsychology AND investigation

Parapsychology OR paranormal

(Parapsychology OR paranormal) AND faith

(Parapsychology OR paranormal) AND ghosts


Add additional key words to your search to narrow your focus.