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Twitter for Teaching & Learning : Professional Development

A guide to using twitter for teaching, learning, connecting, professional development, and more.

Twitter for Professional Development

Excellent video, worth the time for those who truly want to understand the benfits of using Twitter as a professional development tool. Beneficial for any educator new to Twitter or those who tried but never fully understood how to effectively use the tool. 

Attending Conferences via Twitter Hashtags

Learn about the best content shared from a conference you missed by searching the conference hashtag either on twitter or on Google.  Below are conference hashtag links to two major conferences that took place in 2015.

For K-12 Teachers and Teacher Educators, the ISTE 2015 conference is well attended and highly recommended. Click this link to #ISTE2015 hashtags to view the top tweets of the conference from the day before it started until a couple of days afterward (no twitter acct. required to view the tweets and links to articles within).

For higher education educators in general, the Educause Learning Initiative conference (ELI Annual Meeting) is most valuable. This link to #ELI2015 contains valuable tweets from two days before the meeting until a couple of days afterward.

Personal (Professional) Learning Network (PLN) (1:40)

The videos and links below are from Edublogs Teacher Challenges blog post September 23, 2014. The Edublogs Teacher Challenges site offers free professional learning for educators by educators.

What is a PLN?

Using Twitter to Build Your PLN

What are Twitter Chats, Hashtags and How to Participate

Education Chats Calendar


Professional Development

Twitter Chats - What are they, how to join & more

The 3min. video below clearly explains Twitter chats. Twitter chats can be an important component of using Twitter for professional development.

Connected Educators (4:54)