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Twitter for Teaching & Learning : Teaching & Learning

A guide to using twitter for teaching, learning, connecting, professional development, and more.

Case Study: Twitter in the Classroom

Video below uploaded to YouTube on May 2, 2009 is still relevant with valuable take-aways. Description: "Dr. Rankin, professor of History at UT Dallas, wanted to know how to reach more students and involve more people in class discussions both in and out of the classroom. She had heard of Twitter... She collaborated with a graduate student, Kim Smith, from the Emerging Media and Communications (EMAC) and reached out to EMAC faculty for advice." Length 5min 18sec.

How to Use Twitter in the Classroom (3min 11sec)

by Dani Kauerz Sloan - View interactive version of the video on

Case Study: Twitter in the classroom

Video: Teaching with Twitter by Dr. Robert Williamson, Jr., Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Hendrix College. Length 5min 40sec, March 2014.

Using Twitter in the Classroom (5min)

Using Twitter in the classroom, by Nicola Kane (EDU student) for EDU10713

Resources - Twitter Teaching & Learning

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Additional Resources

Twitter Chats - What are they, how to join & more

The 3min. video below clearly explains Twitter chats. Twitter chats can be an important component of using Twitter for professional development, teaching and learning.

Real Time Results - Twitter Search: Teaching and Learning