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DMin Project Portfolio - Introduction to Research & Resources: Research Strategies

Introduces key library resources and services available for successful completion of the DMin Project Portfolio research process.

Plan Your Trip

Two hikers in snowy woods pointing up the path.

Research Strategy

As you begin, you'll want to think about how you are going to give yourself the space needed to do research effectively. Think about:

1. What you will research.

Map out what search strategies you want to use. Keywords, databases you'll use, etc.

2. When you will research.

Schedule time in your schedule to do research, preferably when you are energized, rested, etc. Coffee helps :)

3. Where you will research.

Pick an environment to do research where you can focus. Coffee shop, library, your couch...whatever works for you!

4. How you will document your research.

Plan to document where you have been. Use a citation manager or folder tools within databases. Save your research so you know what paths you've taken already and so that you can easily cite your sources later on.

You will want to be very intentional about this, giving yourself the time and space needed to give it your full attention and process what you are learning (as much as possible -- we all have lots going on!)