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EDDL 793 & EDDL 794 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods: EDDL 793 Assignment

Pilot Study

Associated Resources for Pilot Study Assignment

Pilot Study Methods

Pilot Study Method

Suggested Focus

Suggested question stems


 The phenomenon of what it’s like to navigate a particular place/space/program as a particular (kind of) person with particular goals.

 What are the lived experiences  of…?

 What do these participants’  experiences reveal about…?


 The narratives/stories around what it means to be part of institutions of learning as a particular (kind of) person

 What stories do…tell about…?

 What are the narrative elements of these stories?

 What does an analysis of these stories reveal about the constraints, opportunities, actors, and priorities in…?

 Case Study

 What a particular program, school, or set of participants (with something identifiable in common) reveals about…


 What is the nature of…in this particular case or these particular cases?

 How does this case (or these cases)…contribute to an understanding of…?


 The cultural norms and practices of a particular educational place/space.

 The ways members behave, think, and feel within that culture…


 How does the culture of…function to help particular people do/understand/think about…?

 Why does a particular thing happen the way it does, given the cultural observations we make?

Additional Resources

Phenomenology Ebooks

Case Study—Print & Ebooks

Library Resources Recommended by EDDL 793 Professor

Titles in both columns below include direct links to library ebooks that are immediately accessible, and links to print books that can be requested, recommended by your EDDL 793 professor. There is one box for materials from each pilot study method, and one of books for all methods.

Any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me, Robin Ashford, your EdD librarian.

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Library Ebooks from professor's list of "Good resources for everyone"

Narrative—Print & Ebooks

Ethnography Ebooks