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EDDL 793 - Advanced Qualitative Research Methods: Print & E-Books

Find & Request Physical GFU Library Materials: 1 min. 22 sec.

Find Physical Items in GFU Libraries

Find Print Books and Other Physical Items in the GFU Libraries 

To search for GFU print books, videos, and other physical items:

  • Add your search terms and click the gold Search button to run the search

GFU Library Primo Search

The initial Primo search returns physical items along with online materials.

To limit to physical items from GFU libraries, such as print books, DVDs and print journalslook at the left side of the search results under the Availability heading and click the link "Physical Items in GFU Libraries"

Next, narrow by Resource Type such as print books from the left sidebar by clicking the link to Print Books, DVD Videos, Journals, etc. 

A Primo Advanced Search allows for more nuanced searching, and limiting by material type, language, and more.

Circulation Period: GFU books circulate to students for a four-week period, with up to two renewals. Most DVDs check out for one week.

Selected reference sources

Find Ebooks at George Fox Library: 2 min. 8 sec.

Find & Access GFU Ebooks

 E-books and other online materials in Primo are immediately available to GFU students and staff. 

To find GFU e-books:

  • Go to the Library home page
  • Add your search terms and click the gold Search button to run the search

GFU Library Primo Search

On the Primo search results page look to the left under the Resource Type heading

Choose the eBooks link to limit results to eBooks only (click "Show More" if eBooks are not showing)


  • Click the Online access or title link for information about the book
  • Click the link after "Full text available at:" to view the ebook
  • Sign in if prompted

Another option is to search for GFU ebooks from the Primo Advanced Search page. Add your search terms, set Material Type: eBooks, Search Scope: GFU and click the Search button.

Visit our Library E-books page with info on major GFU Library e-book vendors - In addition, use the links to guides on the page to learn how to use our two largest vendors of ebooks, ProQuest Ebook Central and EBSCOhost, for downloading, printing, note taking and more. ‚Äč

Access or Download George Fox Library E-books

E-books are accessible to GFU students and staff 24/7 from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

Click the link to any George Fox Library e-book and login with your MyGFU username and password to immediately access and read the e-book in a browser.

GFU students have access to over 400,000 ebooks. The vast majority of ebooks allow for unlimited simultaneous users. Some ebooks, like the top title below can be downloaded as PDF chapters to be kept permanently. However, that is not the case with most of our ebooks. Most are what is known as DRM (digital rights management) protected ebooks, and are always accessible while a student at George Fox. Download times for offline use vary depending on publisher and vendor. Instructions for downloading our DRM protected ebooks for offline access are below.

Below are examples of George Fox Library e-books from various vendors. In some cases the entire ebook is available in PDF format to download and keep.