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Archiving Your Story: COVID-19: FAQs

FAQs about donating to the GFU Archives

Who can submit?

The archives are seeking submissions from students, faculty, staff, and administrators from George Fox University. 

I want to contribute, but I don’t have any time!

For those who would like to share a quick though or reflection for the archives, use this form to submit your story to the archives.

Some of the things I made are private, can they be sealed for a while?

Yes! We want you to feel comfortable sharing your story without reservation. If you would like your submission to be restricted for a set period of time to protect your privacy, please indicate it on your donation form and the archivist will contact you to discuss options. 


Can I collaborate with others to make something for the archives?

Yes! Please feel free to collaborate with others to share your experiences. This might involve recording a video call discussing your experiences, working on a collaborative project, interviewing someone you live with, or something else. All participants should be listed on teh donation form so that the archives can acquire appropriate permissions.

Is there anything I should avoid sharing?

Please avoid sharing personal information such birth dates, social security numbers, email, addresses, and phone numbers.  Remember that these will be publically available for use.

Can I assign this to my class?

Feel free to use the information, ideas and writing prompts in this guide to create classroom assignments. Please note that students cannot be compelled to submit their work to the archives as part of an assignment. 

Are the archives collecting other things?


Yes! The archives are always collecting information about George Fox University and the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends. If you have something you think we may be interested in, please reach out!  

Student wears mask during a test before school closes due to Covid-19.

COPYRIGHT: George Fox University Chris Low

Stevens is nearly empty just days before spring break and the university shutdown due to covid-19.
COPYRIGHT:George Fox University Chris Low 

President Robin Baker prepares a script for a video addressing the George Fox family about covid-19.
COPYRIGHT:George Fox University Chris Low

The Provost Linda Samek sits in her office alone to conduct zoom meetings with other university employees, some only a few feet away in their own offices. Covid-19 has driven many meetings to a digital platform that would otherwise be in person.
COPYRIGHT:Chris Low George Fox University

Department of Transportation road signs encourage people to practice social distancing due to the covid-19 pandemic.
COPYRIGHT:Chris Low George Fox University

Signs are up at Hadlock Student Center announcing the closure due to the covid-19 pandemic.
COPYRIGHT:Chris Low George Fox University