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ExamSoft Exam Management for Faculty: Create and Post an Exam

Create and Post an Exam

How to Create and Post an Exam

  • In ExamSoft select Assessments
  • In the display, Select Assessment Type, select From Question Bank
  • In the Create New Assessment page, give the assessment the same Title used in creating the Canvas assignment that correlates with this exam
  • In Type select Exam for summative assessments or Quiz for remediation or formative assessments
    • Exam MCQ Exams
    • Quiz Formative ungraded assessments
  • In Folder select the course in which this exam is used
  • In Pre-Assessment Notices, click on Select Template and select Academic Integrity Statement
  • In Scoring we typically use Default Weights
  • In Security Options we select
    • Secure
    • Time Limit
      and often use Randomize Sequence of questions and Randomize all choices within each question
  • In Options to Enable we typically enable
    • Calculator when relevant
    • Numbering of questions
    • Missing Answer Reminder, important when using Backward Navigation, to alert students
    • Backward Navigation to allow students to move freely to previous and next questions.
  • In Font Override select Arial font and 12 point size for both question stems and choices
  • Moving up on the page, click on Add Questions to Assessment
  • In Questions by Folder select the course in which your questions are stored and click to open your bank of questions
  • Select questions you want to include in the exam
  • Click Add Selected to Assessment
  • Scroll down to see the list of questions now included in the exam
  • Click Save
  • Select Post Assessment
  • In Assessment Password create a password that will be shared with students at the proctored exam
  • In the Course click on the dropdown menu and select the Canvas course site to which this exam corresponds
  • In Scheduled on, set the date and time when the exam will begin
  • In Download Start, set the date and time when students can download the exam test instrument
  • In Download End, set the date and time when students no longer have access to download the test instrument
    The end time is usually set to occur a few minutes after the exam begins
  • In Upload Deadline, set the date and time when students no longer have access to submit their completed exam
  • Click on Post Assessment
  • Students will now see the the exam in their ExamSoft portals.