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THEO 201: Old Testament: Find Biblical Text & Commentaries

About Commentaries

George Fox University Libraries provide access to commentaries in print and ebook formats. You will find links below to a search for all books by subject that are available for check out via George Fox University Libraries and Summit Libraries. To narrow your search down to a specific location or format, use the filters on the left in Primo.

Subject Heading Searches

Looking for all commentaries on a specific book? Here's how to construct an exact subject search:

Subject > is (exact) >

Bible. Genesis -- Commentaries

All Commentaries

It's important to note that the links to the right only find commentaries that are specific to that book. For example, the Genesis commentaries search will find plenty of stand-alone volumes, but it won't locate The Women's Bible Commentary, even though that work also covers Genesis. Use the link below to browse all commentaries.

Image from Bible Gateway

Biblical Text Online