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SWRK 180 Introduction to Social Work: Read & Evaluate Articles

Video - Anatomy of a Scholarly Article (4 min. 48 sec.)



  • Brief overview and key points of the study
  • Read to quickly determine the article’s relevance to your topic


  • Hypothesis of the study and review of relevant literature
  • Read for the context of the problem and the prior relevant research


  • Detailed information about the research conducted
  • Includes participants, procedures, instruments, history and background of the instruments chosen, and the variables


  • Summary of data, including:
    • relationships among variables
    • methodology for statistical analysis
    • P value (construct for significance, .05 or .01)
    • N (sample size)
    • how the results relate to the hypothesis or problem stated in the introduction.
    • Comparisons may be included to clarify findings, or to explore unanticipated findings


  • Summary of results in narrative form. 
  • Usually relates the results of the study to prior study results and gives suggestions for further study


  • List of the sources cited
  • Sources not directly cited but used as prior reading

Video - Credible Sources (4 min. 8 sec.)

Script is a derivative of "Evaluating Sources for Credibility" by Lisa Becksford, NCSU Library, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

From George Fox University Libraries