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ARTS 216 - Art History Survey to 1450: Find Articles

Art Periods and Styles to 1450

·         Paleolithic Art
·         Mesolithic Art
·         Neolithic Art
Ancient Near East
·         Mesopotamian
·         Summerian
·         Akkadian
·         Neo-Sumerian
·         Babylonian
·         Hittate
·         Elamite
·         Assyrian
·         Neo-Babylonian
·         Achaemid
·         Persian
·         Sassanian
Ancient Egyptian Art
·         Pre-Dynastic
·         Early Dynastic
·         Old Kingdom
·         Middle Kingdom
·         New Kingdom
·         Late Period
·         Ptolemaic Dynasty
Ancient Greek Art
·         Cycladic
·         Minoan & Mycenaean
Etruscan Art
Ancient Roman Art
Early Christian Art
Byzantine Art
Art in Early Europe
·         Scythian
·         Celtic
·         Iron-Age Europe
·         Anglo-Saxon
·         Viking
Islamic Art
·         Umayyad
·         Abbasid
·         Samanid
·         Ghaznavids
·         Almorvid
·         Seljuq
·         Ilmanid
·         Mamluk
·         Nasirid
·         Timurid
·         Mughal
·         Safavid
·         Zand
·         Qajar
·         Ottoman
Early Medieval Art
·         Romanesque
Gothic Art
Early Renaissance in Italy
·        13th & 14th Centuries



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Searching JSTOR

This tutorial demonstrates how to search the database JSTOR. 6 mins.

Grecian Vase

Black-figure vase painting showing
Achilles and Ajax playing checkers
Painted by Exekias
450 B.C.

Ajax & Achilles, Exekias

Selected Artists to 1450


Cenni D Pepi (Cimabue)

Claus Sluter

Donato di Niccolo Bardi (Donatello)


Filippo Brunelleschi

Fra Filippo Lippi

Francesco Traini

Gentile Da Fabriano

Giotto di Bondone

Giovanni Da Milano

Jan van Eyck

Melchior Broederlam

Pietro & Ambrogio Lornzetti

Pietro Cavallini

Rogier van der Weyden

Simone Martini

Taddeo Gaddi

Tommaso di Ser Giovanni (Massaccio)