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Library Search - George Fox Primo: Examples

Library Search and Discovery System for George Fox University Libraries

Primo Search Example

STEP 1: Search

Type your search terms in the Primo search box and click "Go" or press enter on your keyboard.


STEP 2: Limit

Our search retrieved an initial result set of about 1500 items. We can easily limit this search by selecting the "Physical Items in GFU Libraries" link at the top or left sidebar.

STEP 3: Limit Further IF NEEDED

It's likely that you won't need to limit any further to find a print book or physical video you're looking for. That said, there may be times when it is desirable to restrict your search by using facets such as author or material type. Below is an example of refining results to find a print book written by Harper Lee from the GFU libraries.


STEP 4: View Results


Video - How to Search by Journal Title 1 min.14 sec.