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SWRK 400 -- Social Work and Children: Persuasive Research Paper

Resources with Pro/Con Arguments

In order to develop your own position on an issue it is often helpful to see how others have formatted their arguments. The following three resources provide pro/con arguments on a variety of topics, as well as additional resources for you to develop your own position on an issue.

Search Tips

Try the following search strings in Academic Search Premier. Depending on your topic, you may also try searching CINAHL with Full Text (Health-related topics), Education Full Text, Education Research Complete, ERICPsycINFO & PsycARTICLES, Social Work Abstracts, Social Work Reference Center, and SocIndex for finding articles with a particular position. All of these are available through the EBSCO Articles link from the library's main page.


Homework AND Proponents

Homework AND (positive OR pro)

Homework AND Opponents

Homework AND (negative OR against)

Association Websites

Advocates of positions related to controversial issues often form associations. Their websites are excellent places to find arguments in support of a particular position.

Search using an advanced Google search limiting your search to .org sites


Rogerian Argument

Parts of a Rogerian Argument

  • Introduction to the problem
  • Demonstrate that you understand the opponent's position
  • Validate the contexts in which the opponent's position would be valid
  • Statement of the writer's position and the contexts in which it is valid
  • Statement of how the opponent's position would benefit by adopting elements of the writer's position
  • If possible show hwo the positions complement one another by supplying what the other lacks

Logical Fallacies

Logical fallacies are errors in thinking   Refer to this poster for an amusing look at some of the most common fallacies.