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ARTD 440 A - Kitchen and Bath Design: Web Resources

Google Search vs. Library Resource Search

The difference between the results from a Google Search and a search within a library catalog or database include:

Amount - Academic libraries are in the business of collecting and obtaining access to academic materials to support the curriculum taught at their institutions.  They collect the best scholarly resources targeted to the curriculum.   Google's agenda is different.  They wish to make as many items available to you as possible.  Therefore, it will be up to you to evaluate each entry.

Evaluation - Academic library material has been reviewed by editors and published by academic publishers. Google search results include an assortment of the entire free web based on their algorithm.  You need to evaluate the content for its authority, currency, accuracy, and purpose or bias. 

Focus - Academic library material is intended to be used at the college level.  It is a different level of information.  Google search results include all levels of material requiring you to sort the results accordingly.

Try It:

Search for the keywords global warming  in and in the journal tab search box.  Evaluate your results.  Which search yields better results for an academic paper?  Which is easier to use?

Search the Web

Depending on the topic you choose, you may have trouble locating information using library resources. Always check in with a librarian to see if they can help with this! Typically some general information can be located on the web as well. Search in Google or another search engine by using keywords like the designers name, design style, etc.

When using web sources, you will want to think carefully about the credibility of the source. Ask yourself:

  • Who is the author?
  • Who is the publisher?
  • Are the "facts" verifyable in other sources?
  • Are there references listed?
  • How current is this information?

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