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BUSG 546 - Market Research: Segmentation

Resources for the team marketing research project


Which segments shop my company most frequently?

  • Use login credentials to access MyBestSegments
  • Navigate to "Segment Details"
  • Select the tab with the most appropriate segment group
    • PRIZM Premier – consumers' likes, dislikes, lifestyles and purchase behaviors (e.g., Upper Crust)
    • P$YCLE – financial and investment behaviors (e.g., Bargain Lovers)
    • ConneXions – emphasis on technology behavior and usage (e.g., Cyber Sophisticates)
  • Select "Download Core Demo Sheet" in the table header

Use the "Find" feature in Excel to locate the Segments that use your company.



Simmons OneView

  • Select "Quick Reports" in the top navigation
  • Click the "Edit" button to define Base (optional) and Target
  • Select the Segmentation report
  • Click "Run Analysis"

Example Segments:

  • Just the Essentials
    Primarily purchase necessities; know what they want before they go shopping and are not impulsive shoppers
  • Virtual Shoppers
    Go for the bargains; Internet helps them find discounts so they don’t pay full price