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English: Web Resources

Useful Websites
Literary site with access to reference sources like Bartlett’s Quotations and older classics in fiction, non-fiction and verse.

Internet Public Library: Literary Criticism
Links to critical and biographical sites for various authors and their works

Literary Resources on the Net
Maintained by Rutgers’, Jack Lynch, this is a collection of scholarly resources in English and American literature useful to academics.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
An annotated guide to Shakespeare resources on the Internet maintained by Terry Gray at Palomar Community College

Project Gutenberg
Electronic copies of many literary works and some sheet music in the public domain

Representative Poetry Online Project
From the University of Toronto, good poetry resources and an especially strong glossary of poetic terms

Voice of the Shuttle
Excellent gateway for scholarly English Literature resources maintained by Alan Liu, Professor of English University of California at Santa Barbara along with his development team

Writing and Research

Critical Evaluation of Resources

OWL – Online Writing Lab
Sponsored by Purdue University - online reference for scholarly writing

Helpful Literature Websites

C.S. Lewis Web Resources

C. S. Lewis Foundation
This is the website of the organization that is restoring the C. S. Lewis home ("The Kilns") in Oxford. It includes a concise timeline of Lewis' life and a thorough list of books by and about Lewis.

The C. S. Lewis Reviews
This site is maintained by a respected Lewis scholar at Bowling Green State University. Good, reliable information not only on Lewis, but also on the other Inklings, especially J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams.

Into the Wardrobe
This site is maintained by an amateur Lewis afficianado who lives in Seattle, Washington. It contains lots of interesting features. Check out the audio clips of Lewis reading from The Four Loves and the Photograph album. There are links to reviews of Shadowlands and other scholarly articles about Lewis.

This site is devoted exclusively to Lewis' great fantasy work, The Chronicles of Narnia. It includes detailed maps of Narnia as well as illustrations and descriptions of all the characters (humans, talking beasts, and mythological).