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HHPE 374 Athletic Training Practicum I: Finding Articles

Randomized Control Trials

Limit your search to "Randomized Control Trials" in the following databases:

Search 500,000+ RCTs in EBSCO 

MeSH Headings

Use "Medical Subject Headings" (MeSH) to focus your searching.

MeSH Browser

CINAHL: Basic Searching (3:13)

Advanced Searching in CINAHL (3:45)

Overview of advanced searching in EBSCO's CINAHL database.

Sample Searches

The following searches were completed through the library's Primo system, PubMed, or other subject-specific databases (such as EBSCO's CINAHL with Full Text, Cochrane Systematic Reviews, SportDiscus with Full Text).

Top Allied Health Databases

How to Format a PICO Question/Statement Tutorial

This tutorial provides an animated overview on the process for formatting a PICO question/statement. Also, watch the video below on using PubMed (through the George Fox University library) to format PICO-based search strategies.

Searching a PICO in CINAHL

Watch this 6 minute, 25 second video tutorial on how to format your PICO into an effective search in the CINAHL database. Close captioning is available.