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Browse by Call Number

Browse in the BV1-5099 Practical Theology Section.

BV5-530 Worship (Public and private)

BV30-135 Times and seasons. The Church year

BV43-64 Feast days

BV65-70 Saints’ days

BV80-105 Fasts

BV107-133 Lord’s Day. Sunday. Sabbath

BV150-168 Christian symbols and symbolism

BV169-199 Liturgy and ritual

BV200 Family worship

BV205-287 Prayer

BV301-530 Hymnology

BV360-465 Denominational and special types of hymnbooks in English

BV467-510 Hymns in languages other than English

BV590-1652 Ecclesiastical theology

BV598-603 The Church

BV629-631 Church and state

BV637-637.5 City churches

BV638-638.8 The rural church. The church and country life

BV646-651 Church polity

BV652-652.9 Church management. Efficiency

BV652.95-657 Mass media and telecommunication in religion

BV659-683 Ministry. Clergy. Religious vocations

BV700-707 Parish. Congregation. The local church

BV770-777 Church finance. Church property

BV800-873 Sacraments. Ordinances

BV803-814 Baptism

BV823-828 Holy Communion. Lord’s Supper. Eucharist

BV835-838 Marriage

BV840-850 Penance

BV895-896 Shrines. Holy places

BV900-1450 Religious societies, associations, etc.

BV950-1280 Religious societies of men, brotherhoods, etc.

BV1000-1220 Young Men’s Christian Associations

BV1300-1395 Religious societies of women

BV1300-1393 Young Women’s Christian Associations

BV1460-1615 Religious education (General)

BV1620-1652 Social life, recreation, etc., in the church

BV2000-3705 Missions

BV2123-2595 Special churches

BV2130-2300 Roman Catholic Church

BV2350-2595 Protestant churches

BV2610-2695 Special types of missions

BV2750-3695 Missions in individual countries

BV3750-3799 Evangelism. Revivals

BV4000-4470 Pastoral theology

BV4019-4180 Education

BV4019-4167 Training for the ordained ministry

BV4168-4180 Training for lay workers

BV4200-4317 Preaching. Homiletics

BV4239-4317 Sermons

BV4390-4399 Personal life of the clergy

BV4400-4470 Practical church work. Social work. Work of the layman

BV4485-5099 Practical religion. The Christian life

BV4520-4526.2 Religious duties

BV4625-4780 Moral theology

BV4625-4627 Sins and vices

BV4630-4647 Virtues

BV4650-4715 Precepts from the Bible

BV4720-4780 Precepts of the Church. Commandments of the Church

BV4800-4897 Works of meditation and devotion

BV4900-4911 Works of consolation and cheer

BV4912-4950 Conversion literature

BV5015-5068 Asceticism

BV5070-5095 Mysticism

BV5099 Quietism