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FoxTALE Managing the Gradebook: Categories


How to Create Categories that are Weighted by Percentage to Produce the Course Total


  • On the course Home page click on the Actions menu and select Gradebook setup
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Add category
  • In the Category name setting, type the name of the category into which you will place a group of assignments
  • Save changes
  • Select assignments and click on the Move selected items to dropdown menu to select the category into which the assignments should be placed
  • Click on the course level Edit and select Edit settings
  • In the Aggregation setting select Weighted mean of grades
  • Save changes
  • Return to the category and, in the Weights column, type the percentage that this category contributes to the Course Total
  • Save changes
  • Confirm that the sum of all percentage totals in the Weights column equals 100 percent