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FoxTALE Managing the Gradebook: Introduction to the Gradebook

Introduction to the Gradebook

How to Enter and Build the Gradebook


There are two methods for entering the grade book

  • In the Navigation drawer select Grades, which displays the gradebook roster of students, all of the assignments, and the scores as those assignments are graded
  • On the course Home page click on the Actions menu and select Gradebook setup, which displays all of the assignments and the value of each assignment


To add an assignment to the gradebook

  • On the course Home page click on the Actions menu and select Turn editing on
  • Select Add and activity or resource
    Each activity you add will display in the gradebook automatically


To change the value of an assignment in the gradebook

  • Enter the assignment
  • Click on the Actions menu and select Edit settings
  • Scroll down to the Grade section
  • Change the value of the assignment and Save


 In the gradebook Grades, View, Grader Report the order in which assignments are listed can be changed

  • Enter Gradebook Setup
  • Click on the Move icon and click on the Insert box at the location to which the assignment should move


To see a student's view of the gradebook click on View and select User Report

  • In the Select all or one user dropdown menu select All users or a particular student to see how the grade book will display for a student