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FoxTALE Managing Forum Discussions: Adding a Forum

Video demonstrations and instructions on how to add and use forums in course sites.

Adding a Forum

How to Add a Forum

The Forum provides a space where students and instructors can discuss topics over an extended period using text or media. This is also a space where students can share resources with peers (e.g., PowerPoints used in presentations, research papers).

  • In your course site Turn editing on.
  • Click on Add an activity or resource.
  • Select Forum, and then Add.
  • Give the forum a name. 
  • Options:
    • In the section, Attachments and Word Count, select Yes to Display word count for every posting.
    • In the section, Ratings, select an Aggregation type to add the forum grade into the gradebook.
    • In the section, Common Module Settings, select a Group mode to use small groups you have created. See the guide, Managing Groups, for details on how to create groups.
  • Save and Return to Course

Tip: Always use the Firefox browser


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