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Citation and Research Management Tools: Quick Citations

An information resource on citation and reference management tools



ZoteroBib allows you to create citations quickly and for free using URLs and other identifying information. With ZoteroBib, you can:

  • Create citations in many styles
  • Make citations and / or footnotes that can be copied into your paper
  • Export a bibliography and paste it into your paper
  • Edit and save your bibliography
  • Share your bibliography with colleagues

ZoteroBib FAQs



KnightCite from Calvin College

While Calvin College’s KnightCite citation creator only covers MLA 8, APA, and Chicago, it provides forms to help you make citations for a wide range of resources in print, online, and in multimedia and communication.

That means this tool will not only help you cite a book, article, or website, it can help you cite a cartoon, advertisement, musical composition, radio or TV program, email, and more.

About BibMe

BibMe logo

Get started with your bibliography immediately using BibMe, which allows you to look up a particular book, magazine, newspaper, website, journal, or film by using a slick auto-complete search function that's powered by WorldCat

Once you've compiled your citations, you can download the RTF file for use in a word processing program or create a free personal account in order to save your bibliographies for later use. Since BibMe is web-based, you don't have to download any software onto your computer in order to use the application. Note: BibMe is free to use but includes many ads



MyBib is a free online service that allows users to generate citations and bibliographies. It has a clean look and feel. You can paste in a DOI or URL and have the fields populate automatically. MyBib is new, continually updated, and currently free to use.

  • MyBib creates citations and bibliographies
  • There are currently no ads associated with it
  • Everything is free