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Canvas VoiceThread for Students: Commenting in a VT

Commenting in a VT

How to Add Comments in a VoiceThread


  1. Use the Firefox or Chrome browser. Other browsers experience issues.
  2. In your Canvas course site enter a VoiceThread assignment.
    You will see two columns. The right column displays instructions for the assignment. The left column displays the embedded media.
  3. When you are ready to make a comment, click on the Comment button located at the bottom of the embedded media, which will display a menu of commenting choices.
    • Select the commenting method you want to use:
      • Text
      • Audio by phone
      • Audio by computer microphone
      • Video by computer webcam
      • Upload file
  4. If you choose audio or video, allow your microphone and camera to be used and begin recording.
  5. When you have recorded all of your comments, move to the right column and click on the Submit button.

NOTE: VoiceThread has a slightly different look when you are on a mobile device. See the VoiceThread Mobile guide for more information.


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