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ExamSoft for Students: Install Examplify App

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How to Install Examplify on Your Computer

You will need to use Examplify, a dedicated application, on your computer or iPad when taking exams that are hosted on the ExamSoft system.

See Minimum System Requirements - Examplify works on Windows (PC), Mac, and iPad operating systems. 

NOTE: Examplify cannot work on Android, Chromebook, or Linux operating systems.

When preparing to install the Examplify application on your computer

  • Make sure your computer is using the most recent version of its operating system
  • Run your anti-virus program to assure that you have no viruses and then temporarily disable your anti-virus application when installing Examplify. When the Examplify installation is completed, re-enable your anti-virus program.  

For Windows (PC) or Mac computers: How to Download, Install and Register Examplify on your PC or Mac

For iPad: Download and Install Examplify for iPad