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GCEP 510 Human Growth & Development: GCEP 510 Book Club Assignment

Book Club Topics

Print & Ebooks on Book Club Topics

Ebooks and Print books available via Subject and Keyword search links below from our George Fox Primo Advanced Search. Book topics are typically searched more broadly than journal articles. If found as an exact subject term the book titles will be most relevant to the topic. Add search terms sparingly as it's only searching the title, subjects and book table of contents and/or book description/summary (click titles and scroll to find description). 

Biology - Epigenetics

Sexual Orientation - Biological Contributors

Socioeconomic status (SES)


Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles on Topics

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of topics listed, searches were run in both the Primo Advanced Search box as well as EBSCO databases searching all databases simultaneously. See search strategy and examples below.

The first example below is a search for articles in the Primo Advanced Search box.

Biology - Epigenetics

  • Biology’s role in intellect, longevity, personality traits

In this case the search strategy contains subject terms for Epigenetics and Biolog* (the asterisk informs the database to return biology, biological, etc.). Important to note the capital OR in the third field. This informs the database to return any results that include the two subject terms above along with at least one of the three keywords listed (intellect OR longevity OR personality). This is a fairly broad way to start your search and resulted in over 1700 peer-reviewed journal articles

Be sure to click the peer-reviewed journals link on the left sidebar. See image below the main Primo Advanced Search image.

If after browsing through articles there don't appear to be many results on one of the keyword terms in the third field then remove the other two terms and search just the one keyword such as personality along with the two subject terms. Another option for increasing search results is to change biolog* from a subject term to a keyword (Any field) search. The publication date could also be changed to the last 20 years. 

Advanced Primo Search - Subject: Epigenetics

Next is a similar search from searching all EBSCO databases simultaneously. In this case, the search was run using just Epigenetics as a subject search term and the keywords intellect OR longevity OR personality. After limiting to articles in English, this resulted in almost 500 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles. A subject search of just Epigenetics returns over 36K scholarly peer-reviewed articles. Using the over 36K results list I can add mental health in the next field and that search returns over 900 scholarly peer-reviewed articles. Take out mental health and add whatever keywords you would like to see in results.

EBSCO search Epigenetics