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MGHA 427 Intro to Healthcare Services: Find Articles

This guide is designed to assist students with research needs in MGHA 427

Video - Choosing EBSCO Databases 1min.17 sec.

Demo on choosing more than one EBSCO article database to search simultaneously. Note: the link is no longer on the library homepage but you can find it here: Search ALL EBSCO Databases 

Video - EBSCOhost Advanced Search 2 min.38 sec.

Video by EBSCOhost demonstrating how to search our EBSCO databases. Demo takes place in the Academic Search Premiere database and is applicable to other EBSCO databases.

Video - Using the EBSCOhost Result List 3 min.39 sec.

Research Databases

Databases below contain full-text articles for your research papers. For most topics in this course you can begin with Academic Search Premier. Another option, especially if your topic is multidisciplinary, is to search all EBSCO article databases simultaneously from the EBSCO databases link below. 

Individual Journal Examples from Library Databases