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MSW--Graduate Social Work Guide: Find Articles

Google Scholar

An excellent option for using Google Scholar to connect to library databases is described below.

Link your Google account to the George Fox Library, so the “Find it at George Fox U” links will always appear – even if you don’t start your search from our Google Scholar link above.

To configure your settings manually, use the following steps:
    1.    Go to
    2.    Click the three lines in the top left corner.
    3.    Click "Settings".
    4.    Click "Library Links".
    5.    Search for George Fox University. Check the “George Fox University - Find it at George Fox U” box.
    6.    Save your settings.

You can now continue to search and should see the Find it at George Fox U links next to articles we have access to. You may also try clicking the article title directly and if we have access may be taken to the full text article on the publisher's site.

Note: If you are unable to access the full text of an article directly from Google Scholar, copy and paste the title into Primo, the main search box on our library home page. This applies to book titles shown in Google Scholar as well. Often the titles will be found in Primo and if not, the title record will allow you to sign in and request the article via Interlibrary loan. You should not have to pay for access to an article while at George Fox.

Literature Review

Social Work-related Journals

The following document is listing of the journals related to social work, social services, human welfare, public welfare, and other related subjects. Most journals are searchable through GFU Primo. The few that do not have full text available electronically are marked with an "*" at the end of the journal title. Articles from these journals will need to be requested through interlibrary loan. Log in to Primo and your interlibrary loan account to request the article.

Advanced Primo Search

Using the Advanced Primo Search from the library home page is an excellent way to start your research. Below is a screenshot of an Advanced Primo Search and the search criteria used to run the search.  This specific search returned over 1300 articles published in peer-reviewed journals published within the last 10 years. After running your search remember to select the Peer-reviewed Journals filter from the left sidebar. Example from the search in screenshot below: Browse the list of results from this link

Primo Advanced Search - Social Work

Social Work Topic Search EBSCO

The search below returned over 1,000 Scholarly peer-reviewed articles published within the last 10 years, which can be browsed from here.

Social work topic

Social Work Databases

The databases listed below are the primary EBSCO Social Work-related databases. However, since social work crosses many disciplinary boundaries, you may also wish to run an Advanced Primo search, which would allow for specific types of materials to be found in a multidisciplinary database.