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Mobile Apps for Research & Education: Home

Use this guide to learn about useful apps - Explore and download apps directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Please take our poll!

Please take our poll!
Your primary mobile device is an iPhone or iPod Touch: 29 votes (30.53%)
Your primary mobile device is an Android smartphone: 14 votes (14.74%)
Your smartphone is some other type: 1 votes (1.05%)
Your primary mobile device is an iPad: 11 votes (11.58%)
Your primary mobile device is another tablet: 1 votes (1.05%)
You own and use both a smartphone and tablet: 39 votes (41.05%)
Total Votes: 95


Welcome to Mobile Apps for Research and Education!

  • Click on gold tabs above or left sidebar links to browse

  • Free apps are specified, others range in price

  • Access guide on smartphone, iPad/tablets for easy downloading of apps

Note: Text within guide copied from or based on description text on app pages - Guide development is ongoing.


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Robin Ashford


Guide inspiration credit: Nicole Hennig and Remlee Green from MIT Libraries and their guide, Apps for Academics - Thanks!