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Physician Associate: Home

Generalized subject guide for the physician associate program.

Library & Librarians

Extensive information resources and dedicated professionals are available through your GFU Libraries.

Quick Links

Here's a short list of a few of the main resources you will need for the Physician Associate program. Check the Index of Resources for a comprehensive list, or navigate through the tabs based upon your need. 


Welcome to your guide for the Physician Associates program.

I am the liaison librarian associated with your program, and am here to help you with your research as you solve problems, gain knowledge and expertise, throughout the entirety of the program.  

This guide is organized in by type of information: Clinical Ebooks,  Evidence Based Medicine, Point of Care, Pharmacology, and an Index of Resources. 

Please contact me if you need any assistance. I am available to consult with you by email, Zoom, phone, and in person. 

Video - An Intro to the Library Website 2.5min.


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Andrea Abernathy