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PSYC 330 - Theory of Personality: Find Articles

Search PsycINFO

Learn how to search the PsycINFO database for scholarly peer-reviewed articles by watching the video below (click play button and then bottom right corner of video to view in full-screen)

Top Counseling & Psychology Databases

When accessing electronic resources through GFU library from off campus, you will be prompted to enter your GFU login.

Searching Databases Effectively

Research databases may look like your favorite search engine, but it's important to remember that they are not the same. If you need a refresher on writing good searches or using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), check out the videos below:

Journals Related to Theories of Personality and Psychotherapy

The journals listed below are titles not available through PsycARTICLES or PsycINFO in EBSCOhost. The respective journal publisher for each title is listed in parens following the title. Each title is linked to the respective database. If you are accessing this page from off-campus, you will need to enter your GFU login.

Journal of Personality Disorders (ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source)

Social Behavior and Personality (EBSCO Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection)

Social Psychological and Personality Science (Sage)

Journal of Research in Personality (Science Direct)

Personality and Individual Differences (Science Direct)

Journal of Personality Assessment (Taylor and Francis)

European Journal of Personality (Wiley)

Journal of Personality (Wiley)

How to Search for Journals