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SWKG 685 Selected Topics: Children's Issues: Dissertations

Locating Dissertations

Dissertations may be found using a variety of search tools:

1. Licensed research databases, such as Social Sciences Citation Index*

2. Library's catalog or Discovery system (GFU Primo)

3. Institutional Repositories

Use the How Do I Find Dissertations? guide on the library's website.

*Dissertations are not usually available full text, except through an institutional respository. To find out if the dissertation is available full text through an institution's repository, type the title and author's name in Google. If the dissertation is not available full text online, you will need to request the item through the interlibrary loan service of the library.

Usually libraries will lend materials at no cost. However, if a library does charge to lend an item, the GFU Library will pay the first $20 of the cost. Any remaining cost is the responsibility of the requestor. The interlibrary loan department will contact the requestor with the cost amount before the request is finalized.

Use of Dissertations

Dissertations are useful resources for a number of reasons: 1) To review the Methodology section for insight on types of studies and application of statistical tests, 2) review of instruments used and applied in a particular setting, 3) review of Results and dDscussion sections, especially identifying the limitations of the study and recommendations for future research, and 4) the References section provides a wealth of additional sources to consult for one's own research.

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