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Nursing: Web Resources

General Useful Websites

Careers in Nursing
An information guide on various career options for nurses, education required, and base salary.

Digital Collections: National Library of Medicine
Biomedical books and videos in the public domain.

Global Health Observatory
Health data and analysis provided by the World Health Organization. Includes data from 194 countries for a variety of health-related indicators.

Mayo Clinic Health - Information

Medline Plus
Consumer health information from the National Library of Medicine.

A deep web search portal providing real-time access to health and medical-related information. Searches a variety of sources to present information not recovered by general search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo). Results are listed according to relevance to the search topic.

NursingCenter (Lippincott)
Helps nurses in staying abreast of research and opportunities.

Nursing School 411
A free guide to nursing school information.

Open-i: Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine 
A search engine for locating freely available biomedical images and selected text from medical-related literature.
Federal, open access, information on HIV.

Pharmacology Useful Websites

RxList: the Internet Drug Index
Information on various illnesses and diseases, symptoms, and drugs.

Safe Medication
Medication search engine.  Based on the AHFS Consumer Medication Information of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

Center Watch Clinical Trials
Covers clinical trials of drugs in categories including: medical conditions, FDA drug approvals, and new drugs in research.

United States Food and Drug Administration
Covers a variety of topics and issues of  various drugs.

United States Food and Drug Administration — Drugs@FDA
Alphabetical listing of FDA-approved drugs.