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SWRK 220: Writing for Social Work Practice: Choose A Topic

Picking Your Topic Is Research!

Topic Sources

There's no limit to possible topics to write about.  What is a question you have?  What are you curious about?

The following may help:

Tip: Be flexible with your topic

As described in the video on this page, you may need to adjust or change your topic based on your researching.

Topic Ideas

  • Abuse survival and reintegration back to the society
  • Anxiety and depression during pregnancy
  • Benefits of social work to schools
  • Can social work help kids who have gone through trauma?
  • Causes and prevention of youth recidivism
  • Effects of parent drug use to their children
  • How social workers help in preventing school dropout
  • Impact of media on pre-school behavior
  • Personal safety requirement for social workers
  • Role of social workers in the adaptation and socialization of formerly homeless children
  • Social work interventions on safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • Social worker self care / wellness
  • Women and alcohol