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Canvas ShareStream Media Hosting: Uploading a Video

Uploading a Video

How to Upload Videos to ShareStream

Upload files from your computer into the Canvas course site's ShareStream

Option 1: Upload in a Page

  • In the Canvas course site enter a Page
  • Click on Edit
  • Place the cursor inside the Text Editor in the location where you want to embed the video
  • In the Text Editor toolbar select the ShareStream Media icon
  • Click on Upload
  • Browse on your computer to locate the video file
  • Select the video file and click Open
  • The file will upload into ShareStream and display as an embedded video in the page
  • In the Page, click on Save

Option 2: Upload in ShareStream Course Media

  • In the Canvas course site navigation select ShareStream Course Media
  • Select the tab, Pick-n-Play
  • Click on +Add Media and select Upload from the dropdown menu
  • In the Upload area of the screen
    • Option 1: Drag and drop the video file
    • Option 2: Click in the upload area to browser to your computer, locate and select the video file, and click Open
  • In the box, Generate Captions?, select the video and click on Generate Captions
  • The video file uploads and processes
  • When processing is completed, click on Publish Asset
  • Students can enter ShareStream Course Media to see the video in the Pick-n-Play

You can share the video in a course module by adding a page to the module and embedding the video. See the guide, Adding a Video to a Course Page.